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SOAPUI Course Details

Total Duration: 55+ HRS

Total Modules: 20

SOAPUI Free Version

Duration 25 mins

Training Video - 1

right_icon2Introduction to Web services

  • Topics
  • What is a web service?
  • Why do we use web service?
  • What is XML?
  • Why XML is used for communication?
  • Famous protocols used in web services
  • What is WSDL?
  • How SOAP UI helps us
  • Java OR groovy?
  • SOAP UI free version
  • SOAP UI Java Api
  • Protocols supported by SoapUI/li>
  • How one should use soap UI
  • Download and install SOAP UI
  • Future of web services
  • How will we be going the course

Duration 53 mins

Training Video - 6

right_icon2File Reading

  • Topics
  • Reading properties file
  • Advantages of properties file
  • Features in Object Spy
  • Reading/Writing Xls Files
  • Storing data in Xls files
  • Making a jar file with eclipse
  • Importing custom jars in SoapUI
  • When do we make and import jars in soapUI
  • Using log object inside the groovy class

Duration 69 min

Training Video -10


  • Topics
  • What is assertion?
  • Validating response
  • Contains, not contains assertions
  • Xpaths in XMLs
  • Xpath Assertions
  • Xpath Functions
  • Regular expressions in Xpaths
  • XQuery Assertions
  • Compliance, Status and Standards Assertions
  • Preventing sensitive data to be visible in response- Security assertion
  • SLA Assertion
  • Best way to use assertions
  • Practicality for using inbuilt assertion features

Duration 26 mins

Training Video - 2


  • Topics
  • Introduction to Groovy script
  • Why do we need Scripting/programming language
  • Building test suites, Test cases and Test steps in SOAP UI
  • Groovy script test step
  • JVM runs behind soapUI
  • log object in SOAP UI
  • Info and error log
  • Auto-saving project-Very Imp
  • Variable in Groovy

Duration 1 hr 14 min

Training Video - 7

right_icon2Database connection

  • Topics
  • Parameters
  • Why connect to database?
  • Various databases which are supported
  • Drivers for database connection
  • groovy.sql.Sql package
  • Try, catch and finally in db connection
  • Testing windows based calculator
  • Firing Select Query and obtaining results
  • Foreach and rows functions
  • Conditions in select query
  • GroovyRowResult class
  • Finding number of rows in result
  • Getting result in form of a list
  • Firing update and insert queries
  • Execute and executeUpdate with parameters
  • Execute and executeUpdate with Map

Duration 1 hr 6 mins

Training Video -11

right_icon2Groovy Script Test Step - Context

  • Topics
  • What is context ?
  • Retrieving Request and Response
  • XmlHolder class
  • Parse Response
  • Forming Xpaths for XML
  • Get value at xpath
  • Find if a tag exists or not
  • Count total duplicate nodes/tags with xpath functions
  • Count total duplicate nodes XmlHolder
  • Analyzing Retail application response
  • Check if xpath exists and is a valid one
  • Use regular expressions to validate data
  • Context variable scope
  • Storing properties in Context
  • Storing objects in context

Duration 41 mins

Training Video - 3

right_icon2Groovy in Detail

  • Topics
  • What is a groovy class ?
  • Non-static variable in groovy
  • Static variables
  • Non-static functions
  • Static functions
  • initializing log inside class
  • Objects and object referances
  • Accessing static from non-static
  • Accessing non-static from static

Duration 1 hr 17 min

Training Video -8

right_icon2Soap UI free version - Intro

  • Topics
  • SOAP Protocol
  • Implementing web service with SOAP
  • Counting total open browsers
  • SOAP Request/Response and HTTP Protocol
  • What is WSDL and how it represents web service?
  • Challenges in learning web service
  • Projects which we will be implementing
  • Installing OS Commerce web service in Database
  • Importing WSDL in SOAP UI project
  • Interfaces and Web services
  • Counting rows in a webtable
  • What is a namespace?
  • Creating test Suites and Test cases
  • Sending request manually and reading response
  • Reading soapui logs, error logs, memory logs and other logs
  • Single and multiple endpoints
  • Executing at different levels in SOAP UI

Duration 1 hr 6 min

Training Video -12

right_icon2Groovy Script Test Step - Context, Test Runner

  • Topics
  • Cloning test suite/test case and usage
  • testRunner Variable
  • Stop/fail a test case
  • Finding status of a test
  • Finding time taken to execute a test step
  • Navigating to various levels with testRunner Variable
  • WsdlTestRunContext object
  • Accessing context object across test cases
  • Executing a test step in test case from test step in same test case
  • Executing a test step in test case from test step in different test case
  • Executing test case step with groovy
  • Executing Test Request Test Step from groovy test step if Response is not present
  • Setting parameters in the request from groovy test step

Duration 55 mins

Training Video - 4


  • Topics
  • Constructors in groovy
  • this keyword
  • Initializing log inside class with constructor
  • Passing value in functions
  • Optional parameters
  • Passing object as referance
  • Pass by value and pass by referance

Duration 50 mins

Training Video -9

right_icon2Soap UI free version - Intro 2

  • Topics
  • Detailed Explanation of SOAP UI projects we will be using in training

Duration 2 hours 25 mins

Training Video - 13

right_icon2Properties in SOAPUI

  • Topics
  • Properties at Different Level (TestCase, TestSuite, Project, Global)
  • Custom and Project Properties
  • Deciding levels for properties
  • Practical usage/importance of properties
  • Setting properties manually
  • Handling Properties at all levels with groovy
  • Different ways of reading properties in groovy
  • Property Expansion using Groovy/context variable
  • Passing on properties in request Reading response of one request test step and passing response values in request of another test step.
  • Properties test step
  • Test Request test Step custom properties
  • Load property from .properties file
  • When do we use properties file
  • Reading properties file from groovy
  • Property transfer test step
  • Property Expansion using Property Transfer Step

Duration 39 mins

Training Video - 5

right_icon2Groovy Script Test Step - Collections, Exceptions

  • Topics
  • Arrays in groovy
  • Drawbacks of arrays
  • Hashtable in groovy
  • ArrayList in groovy
  • HashSet in groovy
  • Exception Handling in groovy
  • Why do we need exception handling ?
  • When do we need exception handling in SOAP UI ?


Duration 45 mins

Training Video - 14

right_icon2READY API / API testing - 1

  • Topics
  • Why READY API?
  • Difference between soapui OS and READY API
  • Downloading/Installing READY API
  • READY API with SOAP and REST
  • What is REST(Representational State Transfer) Architecture
  • JSON based REST Architecture
  • XML based REST Architecture
  • Difference between REST and SOAP
  • API testing with REST
  • CRUD operations
  • POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests in REST
  • Information about JIRA tool
  • JIRA uses REST
  • Downloading/Installing JIRA

Duration 1 hr 30 min

Training Video - 15

right_icon2REST WEB SERVICE / API Testing

  • Topics
  • Creating a new REST service
  • Deciding Service EndPoints
  • Resource and Methods
  • reating GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests
  • Setting/Deciding media type
  • Sending a simple POST login REST request and getting JSON response
  • Sending POST request parameters in message using JSON
  • Reading JSON Response with groovy
  • Reading headers and passing cookies in headers
  • Reading header information containing sessionid
  • Maintaining session over subsequent requests
  • Firing another REST request with session ID from previous response
  • Assertion test Step in READY API
  • POST request to into JIRA and validating response
  • GET request to get current user info in Jira and validating response
  • Techniques to validate JSON response
  • Validating/Asserting JSON response with JsonSlurper
  • Validating/Asserting JSON response XmlHolder
  • Deciding end points of resources

Duration: 1 hr 10 min

Training Video - 16

right_icon2Custom Application for REST API Testing

  • Topics
  • REST Retail Application and its feature
  • Installing Tomcat, Mysql and Retail Application
  • POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests in Retail Application
  • Managing headers in retail application
  • Database setup for retail application
  • Session management
  • SOAPUI Method parameters
  • Query parameters
  • Template parameters
  • Header parameters
  • Matrix parameters
  • Plain parameters

Duration 1 hr

Training Video - 17

right_icon2Parameterzing Scripts

  • Topics
  • DataSource Test Step
  • DataSource Loop Test Step
  • DataSink Test Step
  • Storing/Reading test data from XLS/XML
  • Storing/Reading test data from Database
  • SQL query builder
  • Saving request and response in a text file for every request

Duration 6 hrs 30 min

Training Video - 18

right_icon2Data Driven Framework - REST+ READY API

  • Topics
  • Analysis of Request URLs
  • Deciding Service EndPoints
  • Creationing/Organizing REST URLs in SOAPUI
  • Loop a test with different sets of data
  • Reporting
  • Using DataSource, DataSource Loop and DataSink
  • Manage session ID accross tests
  • Introducing validations - Assertions
  • Preventing the flow to stop if assertion fails
  • Generate xls reports
  • Manage session ID
  • Launch TestRunner Option
  • Store the request/response in a file
  • Find the time taken by response to come
  • Logging - Log4J
  • Dynamically generating requests from groovy
  • JsonArray, JsonObject
  • Converting String response to JSONObject and JSONArray for validation
  • Global Scripts for reusability / Extending READY API
  • Reporting - HTML
  • Reporting - XLS
  • Report at a test case level, test suite level,project level
  • Detailed step reports
  • Storing requests/responses in reports
  • Executing through command line
  • Executing using bat file

Data Driven Frameworks - Free Version of SOAPUI

Duration 9 hrs 50 min

Training Video -19

right_icon2Data Driven Framework -SOAPUI Free version with SOAP Protocol

  • Topics
  • Building a simple test case using SOAPUI
  • SOAPUI TestRunner
  • Save all requests/responses in a text file
  • Limitations of free version of SOAPUI
  • Parameterizing test and limitations in READY API
  • Overcoming all limitations - Use java with eclipse
  • Invoking Soapui Test cases fromeclipse java code
  • JavaDoc for SOAPUI
  • WsdlProject ,TestSuite,TestCase, TestCaseRunner,PropertiesMap, TestStepResult
  • Invoking SOAPUI test case from eclipse
  • Passing properties/parameters fromeclipse to SOAPUI test case
  • Retrieving status, execution time,failure reason from SOAPUI into eclipse
  • Accessing properties at variouslevels in SOAPUI
  • Logging from eclipse/soapui
  • Ant configuration
  • Junit HTML reports with ANT build
  • Avoiding hard coding
  • Run test cases optionally
  • Global Scripts for re usability / Extending READY API
  • Running Project from Bat
  • Introducing SOAP based test cases,parameterizing, running and generating reports
  • Database connection and validationsin test cases
  • Extending SOAPUI OS(Open source)version - Writing global groovy scripts
  • Building custom global groovyfunctions for database connection
  • Zipping and Emailing reports -XLS based reports / JUNIT HTMLBased reports
  • Bat file to run project,generate reports and email them in 1 go

Duration 10 hrs 15 min

Training Video -20

right_icon2Data DrivenFramework -SOAPUI Free version with REST Protocol

  • Topics
  • Building a simple test case using SOAPUI
  • TestRunner Option to run the test
  • Save all requests/responses in a text file
  • Limitations of free version of SOAPUI
  • Parametrizing test and limitations in READY API
  • Overcoming all limitations - Use Java with eclipse
  • Invoking Soapui Test cases fromeclipse Java code
  • JavaDoc for SOAPUI
  • WsdlProject ,TestSuite, TestCase, TestCaseRunner, PropertiesMap,TestStepResult
  • Invoking SOAPUI test case from eclipse
  • Passing properties/parameters fromeclipse to SOAPUI test case
  • Retrieving status, execution time,failure reason from SOAPUI into eclipse
  • Accessing properties at variouslevels in SOAPUI
  • Logging from eclipse/soapui
  • Ant configuration
  • Junit HTML reports with ANT build
  • Avoiding hard coding
  • Run test cases optionally
  • Managing GET,POST,PUT,DELETERequests -REST Protocol
  • Manage the Dynamic requests
  • JSONObject and JSONArray Classes forforming dynamic requests/reading response
  • Validations from DB
  • External Groovy Library/ExtendingSOAPUI
  • Building reusable commonfunctions/libraries
  • BAT File to run the completeproject in 1 go

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